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Childcare rates and other related fees...

Infants 6 weeks of age to 1 year: $150/week for full time *$33/day for part time

Toddlers 1 year to 30 months: $140/week for full time *$30/day for part time

Preschoolers: 30 months until school age: $135/week for full time *$30/day for part time

School Agers: $120/week for full time *$28/day for part time 

School Age Before and After School Care: $5/Hour **Partial Hours round up to a full hour**


(Full time is considered 4 or more days a week)



* If a child is not picked up by our agreed upon time (5:30 p.m.), a $10.00 late pick up charge will apply for each 30 minutes you are late. (Example: pick up at 6:00 is $10 pickup at 6:30 is $20 etc.) I understand that life happens so I allow for one late pick up a week within a fifteen minute window. In order for me to meet the needs of my family I ask that you be considerate of my time and inform me as soon as you know you will be late.


Payment will be due Friday of each week, payment will be applied to the following week that childcare is provided. Payment must be made by cash or check. If payment is not received by the due date a late fee will be charged in the amount of $20.If payment is more than 5 calendar days late another $20 fee will incur. An additional $20 fee will incur for each 5 day period that bill is unpaid. (Ex: 1 day late $20 fee, 6 days late $40 fee, 11 days late $60 fee, etc.)  Multiple late fees could result in immediate termination of your contract or a loss of your child’s position. Child care services will be refused if parents are unable to pay for the services for the following week. Returned checks will incur an additional fee of $35 along with the late fee.


A one week down payment will be made upon signing of the contract (this will be applied to the child’s final week under my care.)

Fees for days your child is absent will still apply (If you are taking a normally scheduled day off for any reason you are responsible to pay for that day.)

**One week of unpaid vacation is granted to each family after one year of care has been completed**

*All rates are subject to change at the discretion of the provider, parents will be notified in writing at least 2 weeks before any rate changes are made.